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Your Success Is Our Success!

Every lab is different. At Cobalt Health we customize and streamline your front-end processes. Our highly trained billing and claims experts will:

  1. Expedite your claims submissions
  2. Increase the speed and amount your laboratory gets paid
  3. Reduce your time and cost to collect
  4. Provide valuable information to enhance your bottom line

Billing continues to get more complicated each year. Many laboratories today simply cannot devote the same resources and attention to billing which Cobalt Health is able to provide.

Not sure how your lab is performing? Take advantage of our Free lab assessments: Toxicology Billing or Molecular Diagnostics Billing. We provide a detailed analysis of your laboratory billing function. Let us demonstrate why Cobalt Health is the most cost-effective partner to improve your collections.


Reimbursement Challenges ... Solved!

We understand the special challenges facing labs in the critical areas of toxicology billing and molecular diagnostics billing. Cobalt Health has the expertise, experience, and infrastructure to assure our clients are as financially productive as possible. Our experienced experts will identify and analyze your critical revenue cycle issues and help you implement best billing practices. 

Cobalt Health solves your reimbursement challenges, allowing you to focus on patients and other vital areas of your business. We help you improve your business by providing access to comprehensive data and analytics, allowing you to achieve more strategic and insightful solutions.

  • State-of-the-art Technology
  • Dedicated Toxicology Billing Team
  • Experts in Molecular Diagnostics Billing
  • Appeals and Denials Management
  • Compliance Assurance
  • 24/7 Customer Support

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